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"BK Commerce" Ltd.  from 2009 is exclusive representative for Bulgaria of world famous American company and the largest manufacturer with leading technology coatings for special purposes in the world. GLOBAL Window Film for glass is produced with the latest nanotechnology. Our expertise and samples of products are applicable to various markets around the world, such as defense, aerospace, medical, automotive engineering and others.

BK Commerce is also a distributor of other quality foils:

Armolan Window Film

NEXFIL Window Film

Fusion Window Film

BK Commerce offers a variety of quality foils with Certificate and Affordable Price Guarantee

Glass is often the weakest point in a building, it can be attacked by thieves, vandals or affected by the storms. GLOBAL Window Film film for safety and security, designed and tested by world standards AIMCAL, ASHRAE and according to the European BS, DIN EN 356 and DIN EN 1036 / Official Gazette. 70 /.

If glass with foil placed GLOBAL Window Film subject to explosion, strong random attack or stroke, it will crack or even break, but will remain in place, stuck on the film and will not fall apart. The foils are made using a special formula involving transparent polyester with a high degree of reliability and highly active adhesive system. Protective film increases the resistance of the glass and it turns into a secure, safe and reliable bulwark against burglary, explosion or any vandalism. Each product is designed and developed with special characteristics of its specific application - on hold broken glass, a "hi-tech" reflective systems, matt to reflect daylight products. In addition, it reduces the effect of electromagnetic interception, and the effects of radiation on other elektromanitni chuvstvtelnoto electronic equipment.

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