• Fusion Ceramic Sky 80
Fusion Ceramic Sky 80


Fusion Ceramic Sky 80

71.33 лв.

Fusion Ceramic Sky 80 is a high-performance ceramic foil with a light chameleon violet hue.

Advantages of the foil:

*** Blocks a lot of heat - IRR - 70%;

*** UV rejection - 99.9%

*** Visually clear and better color contrast;

*** High optical clarity and without image distortion;

*** Spectral-selective glare reduction;

*** High heat reduction;

*** Strong scratch resistance for extra durability;

*** Improved polarization technology;

*** Extended polarization

To reduce glare, the SKY 80 selectively reduces the transmission of yellow light in the visible spectrum to improve driving comfort

The panel allows the driver to see the outside of the car, regardless of external conditions, such as heavy rain, fine dust, day and night,

even in the hours when the light is strongest


Visible light transmission 70%

Reflected visible light 8%

Total solar energy transmission 58%

Total solar reflection 7%

Total solar absorption 35%

Rejected infrared rays 46%

Rejected infrared rays 780-2500nm 79%

UV reduction 99%

Total solar rejection 38

UVR -> 99%;
IRR - 70%;
Thickness - 1.5 Mil;
Warranty: 10 years;
Width - 1.01; 0.51 
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