• G-M 15 GL
G-M 15 GL

G-M 15 GL

14.42 лв.

   This is mirrored foil GLOBAL gray shade for buildings with 10% transmittance of visible light.
Perfect for southern exhibitions where the sun is strong and the air conditioner is already failing to cool the premises or for privacy and comfort.
   Ordinary glass is not able to meet the requirements in terms of security, safety, privacy, comfort and aesthetics. Winter heat loss through windows are expensive waste of energy, a solar heat and shine, penetrating through the glass in summer, reducing comfort. Sunlight penetrating through ordinary glass, with its UV-rays cause fading of the color pigments in everything from shop windows and furniture to works of art. The windows allow unwanted
curiosity towards privacy by ordinary bystanders and criminal entities, and theft of computer data by electronic-magnetic devices.

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