• Security Reflective Film
Security Reflective Film

Security Reflective Film

22.50 лв.

This is a protective mirror film with a thickness of 100 microns. and glued on glass meets the degree of protection according to BDS EN 356 class P2A.
Certificates for the degree of protection conducted in Germany and in Bulgaria are available. There are certificates from tests conducted in
USA according to ANSI Z97.1 class A standard.
Glass is often the weakest point in a building. It can be attacked by thieves, vandals, or affected by storms.
The protective film for safety and security is designed and tested according to the world standards AIMKAL, ASHRAE, BS
and meets the requirements for class P1A and P2A according to DIN EN 356.
If the protective foil glass is subject to explosion, strong attack or accidental impact, it will crack or even break,
but it will remain in place, glued with a protective foil, and will not disintegrate. Experience to date has shown that 80% of the damage
inflicted on buildings and people in a strong explosion are due to flying pieces of glass. The protective foil provides security
and protection against severe or even fatal injuries to people as a result of bombings in public places.
The pieces of glass are kept in a place that can save lives, prevent injuries, protect property,
to stop unwanted visitors or even reduce the effect of an explosion. The protective film can provide additional protection
 of historical values ​​and especially expensive objects from possible encroachment.

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