• SMC - 4  Safety / Security window Film
SMC - 4  Safety / Security window Film

SMC - 4 Safety / Security window Film

15.42 лв.

This is a protective transparent film GLOBAL thickness 100mk. and glued on glass meets the degree of protection BDS EN 356 class P1
are certificates of the degree of protection held in Germany and Bulgaria. There are certificates of tests in provedeni
USA at their standard ANSI Z97.1 class B.

   Safety glasses are made based on a composite glass / foil technology zavodite- manufacturers of protective foils GLOBAL-PRO division of NASA- Aerospecial.
Glass cover requirements of DIN EN 356 class P1A and P2A and are accompanied by the necessary certificates.

GLOBAL protective film from the relevant class can be placed on existing windows without dismantling the same, which greatly reduces the cost of implementation of the requirements of the Ordinance.
GLOBAL protective foil is placed with an excellent result and to protect shop windows and windows of offices or residential buildings.

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