• Fusion Ceramic Sky 80
Fusion Ceramic Sky 80


Fusion Ceramic Sky 80

63.00 лв.

Fusion Ceramic Sky 80 is a transparent high quality ceramic film with a light chameleon violet tint. This foil blocks a lot of heat - IRR - 36.5%; UV Rays - 99.1%
A great product that can protect against the harmful rays not only the interior of the car, but also the people who ride in it. Advantages of the foil:
*** protects the skin from harmful solar energy;
*** The amount of heat entering the vehicle is significantly reduced;
*** the dashboard is not heated;
*** the interior is protected from bleaching;

Light transmittance - 80%
UVR -> 99%;
IRR - 36.5%;
Thickness - 1.5 Mil;
Warranty: 10 years;
Width - 1.01

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