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In the summer protective film GLOBAL reflects sunlight and warmth and creates comfort in the office, at home, at the store. With increase in temperature reduces the effectiveness of truda.Dori blinds can not keep cool, they just do not miss svetlinata.Zashtitnoto foil GLOBAL its advanced technology solar insulation can be useful throughout the year to balance high and low temperatures. In the summer protective film GLOBAL reflects the worst part of the spectrum of sunlight and reduces blinding winter blyasak.Prez protective film GLOBAL reflected back inside heat otherwise lost from the building. By placing the film on a single window can achieve the effect of a double window in terms of reducing heat losses. Many companies put on their windows foil, saving a significant portion of the cost of heating or air conditioning. The film stops to 99% from harmful UV-rays, which cause the formation of skin cancer and cause aging of objects and materiite.Instalatsiyata protective foil one-time investment for a period of 15- 20 years while energy costs are everyday .

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