• Avery® Surface Cleaner
Avery® Surface Cleaner

Avery® Surface Cleaner

21.00 лв.

Avery® Surface Cleaner is a green-colored cleaning fluid that cleans and degreases various surfaces in preparation for application of different types of foil.

Residues of any kind can be removed in one go, such as dirt, wax, sprays, silicone, etc.
Avery® Surface Cleaner is an aliphatic solvent-free cleaner, making it more environmentally friendly than other similar products.
It can also be used to remove small sticky debris on the surface to be used.

 ideal for cleaning and degreasing;
 has both alcohol-based and solvent-based cleaner properties;
Avery® Surface Cleaner removes all types of debris in a single operation, such as dirt, wax, dirt, thin silicone layers, sprays, glue ...
 it is simply sprayed onto the base, left for a few seconds and then removed with a soft, absorbent cloth;
 a highly effective detergent that allows you to remove all types of debris in one go

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