• Photochromic film for headlights
HEADLAMP PROTECTION Photochromic film for headlights Paint Protection Film / PPF Film STOP PROTECTION FILM

Photochromic film for headlights
PHOTOCHROMIC Protective film for headlights PPF has unique properties, which is why car owners often prefer it to protect headlights.
❓What are these properties?
✅Designer appearance. Our PHOTOCHROMIC FOIL comes in two shades that change with the intensity of the sunlight - from transparent to purple and from transparent to gray.
✅Perfect clarity. On sunny days, the PHOTOCHROMIC FOIL turns darker to reduce solar heat and glare. On cloudy, rainy days and at night it remains transparent.
✅The best self-healing technology.
✅High level of scratch and stain resistance.
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