• Gray Matte
Gray Matte

Gray Matte

19.90 лв.

The Mat Gray privacy film is designed to provide protection against prying eyes.
  The foil filters out most natural light, creating a sense of discretion and coziness.

Available widths 152 cm

1. Fire resistance rating - M 1
2. Matte polyester with a satin finish
3. Sticky glue
4. Polyester with high optical quality
5. PS glue, glass polymerization within 15 days
6. Protective release pad, disposable for installation
Maintenance instructions:

Soapy water solution.

Do not clean for at least a month and do not put any type of stickers or glue on the film.
Technical data
Ultraviolet Transmission 1%
Visible light transmission 30%
External visible light reflection 11%
Internal visible light reflection 11%
Total solar energy rejected 39%
Rejected total solar energy 2* 35%
Solar ratio:
Solar energy reflection 13%
Solar energy absorption 39%
Solar power transmission 48%
Sun glare reduction 59%
G-value 0.71
U-value 5.63
Shading factor 0.7
Type of installation Interior
Roll length 30.5 meters m
Thickness 60μ
Exterior color GRAY

Installation Tips:
Vertical position and standard glass surface;

Soapy water solution.

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