• NEW - Global Window Films-Premium Films with Lifetime Guarantee
NEW - Global Window Films-Premium Films with Lifetime Guarantee

NEW - Global Window Films-Premium Films with Lifetime Guarantee


Premium Automotive Films

Global Window Films offers the best professional glass films on the market. Perfect quality combined with modern technology and practical business needs has made the Global Window Film brand a leading choice for professional dealers and installers across America and the World. The GLOBAL Window Films films for windows are manufactured as a result of a high-quality vertically integrated production process. In simple terms, this means that GLOBAL Window Films are manufactured using state-of-the-art ISO-9001: 2000 certified technology, which automates everything that goes into their glass films from the basic petrochemical intermediate (DMT). , right next to Finished Products. This eliminates dependence on other manufacturers, allowing complete control over the entire production process - from polymers to packaged goods. This is important because it provides high quality and ultimately overall customer satisfaction. The foils also have distinctive properties - perfect shrinkage and are antistatic.
All Global Window Films branded foils are made with Super Shrink ™ substrates and patented Anti-Static ™ technology for seamless drying and faster, cleaner installation - just two more reasons why you should get Global Window Film

*** high quality darkening premium foil;

*** pressure sensitive adhesive;
*** scratch resistant coating;
*** protection against infrared radiation;
*** retains heat;
*** sunlight protection> 99%;
*** light transmittance - 5%, 20%, 30%, 50%;
*** width - 1.52; 1.01; 0.51;
*** guarantee - LIFETIME;

% Visible light transmitted - 4; 19; 30; 48
% Glare Reduction - 96; 79; 67; 47
% UV missing -> 99
% External reflection of light - 3; 3; 4; 4
% Total solar energy rejection - 44; 40; 35; 31

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