• D11 - Bulldozer applicator
D11 - Bulldozer applicator

D11 - Bulldozer applicator

39.90 лв.

*** for hard-to-reach places / rear window of cars / when installing foil;
*** built-in tire for work - 15 cm;
*** reinforced with ribs for extra compressive strength;
*** GDI Tools
 Bulldozer applicator

Bulldozer is used when installing car foil.

Allows you to reach hard-to-reach places, such as behind speakers, brake lights, low angles and rear windows.

It has 15 cm of cleaning rubber and 38 cm of total length.

It is also used for car rear windows. With the rubber attached in its wide part, this tool is extremely useful when working.

With reinforced ribs on the back for extra strength and pressure.

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