• FUSION PPF FILM - What is good to know about this type of film
FUSION PPF FILM - What is good to know about this type of film

FUSION PPF FILM - What is good to know about this type of film


What is good to know about this type of foil


FUSION Paint Protection Film / PPF Film

*** foil with the ability to self-repair;

*** foil which has a protective function for paint and headlights;
*** foil with exceptional strength and durability of the material;
*** foil without yellowing


General recommended instructions for installation, maintenance and operation


1. PPF FUSION protective coating has the ability to self-repair, so a scratch can be repaired with hot water or a hot air gun over the scratched area.
2. If the scratch penetrates the top layer of the coating, it will not be able to repair itself.
It is recommended to use a rubber applicator / squeegee / to install the foil.

Despite the anti-scratch layer, it is possible to leave scratches inadvertently.
3. Installation must be carried out in a clean, enclosed space. Due to the presence of dust in the air, scratches may appear when the foil is installed.
4. It is recommended to wash the car by hand.

When using an automated car wash there is a possibility of scratches. Small scratches will be restored, but with larger scratches it will be impossible to erase them.

5. Please note that excessive stretching during installation may cause the protective coating to rupture. Normal stretching is enough to install even at corners. You can also use a hot air gun when stretching.

6. PPF FUSION film is desirable to install at temperatures above 15 degrees.

7. The foil should be stored at an air temperature between 15 degrees and 32 degrees

 8. Cleaning the surface before installation can be done with isopropyl alcohol or similar


Instructions for maintenance and operation of PPF FILM
1. Do not wash the car for 48 hours after installing the foil.
2. Avoid spraying the edges of the film directly with pressurized water.
*** peeling of the foil along the edge is possible

*** When using a high-pressure water jet, do so away from the car, at a distance of at least 90 cm.
3. Do not use colored and abrasive preparations or waxes containing naphtha or kerosene.
4. Do not use any abrasives, towels or harsh chemicals on the foil.
5. It is recommended to use ordinary wax after installation and at least once every 6 months
6. Timely cleaning after PPF film contamination is recommended.
7. Contamination is good to clean with alcohol.
8. Avoid treating the film in direct sunlight or when the film is hot.

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